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11th -10-2014

This weekend at the Oslo Motor Show Joachim Waagaard from Fredrikstad,Norway finally unleashed his plans for next season. In a partnership with GS Bildeler and Sonar Tires, he will build a
2015 BMW 4-series V8.

Many thought maybe it was over and out for Joachim Waagaard when he crashed his Mazda RX-7 during Estonian Drift GP Allstars round in Estonia in August.

Fortunately for Waagaard, his luck was about to change. Now it seems that dreams do come true with a new chassis for the 2015 Season.

Joachim added
“I have had a great relationship with GS parts for several years in connection with building my previous race cars. Now we can work together on building the first BMW 4 series Drift car in the world. Plans for this car started back in early 2014 but we could only announce until last weekend we agreed this partnership and announced at the Oslo motorshow. The way the sport is going we need to start using newer chassis and hopefully this will open the door to more corporate sponsors as the sport of drifting is exploding across europe in popularity.”

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The goal is to get a budget to run the entire Drift Allstars European series in 2015, in addition to all Gatebil festivals.

The car will be fitted with a 700hp V8 engine and fitted with 5 speed aftermarket gearbox to withstand the stress’s of professional drifting. Hoping to run a custom steering setup with modified suspension and a quick change differential so we can change differential ratios very fast to set the car up for different tracks.

Picture Credit Camilla Smistad Tofterå Photography – Gatebil
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