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June 2013

Nexen drifts with the best of them in European motorsport
Nexen Tyre Europe teams up with Drift Allstars Europe Championship Campaign

Korean tyre manufacturer Nexen has just entered a sponsorship agreement with Drift Allstars Europe to participate in the 2013 European Series.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nexen Tyre will provide the new 2013 Drift Allstars Team (named Team Nexen Tire Europe) with some of the most relevant tools to make the series a pan-European success: appropriate tyres and support.

The partnership ensures that both parties will benefit, as their respective, complementing strengths give the project a sharp competitive edge in Drift Events around the UK, Europe.

The bespoke agreement sees the team using Nexen tyres for competition purposes, whilst the brand awareness created by both product function and strong branding will focus media and fans’ attention alike on a winning combination.

The Championship series is an opportunity for supporters to meet the people and drivers, as well as become more acquainted with the range of Nexen tyres built for use in sporty and competitive conditions.

International Viral Podcasts and driver blogs, as well as a combined social media campaign distributing as-it-happens coverage of the races, will help promote both the events and the Team Nexen Tire, further increasing the existing Drift Allstars fan base.

After winning the overall Tyre championship in 2012 and the Drivers championship Nexen is ready to build on that success. Finnish Champion Juha Rintanen will move to the teamafter his 3rd place in the series in 2012. Polish Champion and European front runner Pawel Trela will back him up in his all new Opel GT 2JZ car first for Europe. Irish driver Mark Johnston returns to professional drifting after a break from the sport. Mark a front runner back in 2007 nearly taking a European title will be one to watch also

The team debuted this past weekend at the Drift Allstars European series opener. Pictures below

The tyres provided under the terms of the agreement are Nexen’s N9000 275/35R 18s .

Team Nexen Tire, Drift Allstars 2013 European Series
Drift Allstars RD 1 Plock,Poland June 22-23rd
Drift Allstars RD 2 Sturup Circuit, Sweden July 6th ~ 7th
Drift Allstars RD 3 Riga City Circuit, Latvia August 2nd ~ 3rd
Drift Allstars RD 4 Nemuno Ziedas Circuit, Lithuania August 10th ~ 11th
Drift Allstars RD 5 Mariapocs Circuit, Hungary August 22nd ~ 24th
Drift Allstars RD 6 Poznan Race Circuit, Poland September 28th ~ 29th

About Nexen Tire
Nexen is one of the leading Korean tyre manufacturers, with exports to more than 120 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1942, and has production facilities in both Korea and China, whilst increasingly focusing on the European markets. Turnover in 2011 reached 1.18 trillion Won (approx. € 798 million).

ABOUT Drift Allstars Europe
Entering its fifth season, Drift All-stars is recognized as the best professional drifting championship in the Europe established on the streets of Japan, drifting has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that challenges each driver’s driving ability and vehicle control. Drift All-stars European Series is an international series for professional drifters to compete in 8 events/demonstrations European wide for the coveted Drift All-stars European Series. Drift All-stars has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life and establishes itself as the national focal point for the Sport. For a race schedule and ticket information, visit: