mat fijal
Mateusz Fijal the youngest driver of the STW season made his debut in the 2013 season.A newcome to drifting with only 2 years drifting at Professional level.He swapped to a Nissan S13 1JZ chassis towards the end of the season and jumped up the standings make his name with some of Polands top drifters. With a new car and one of the best Teams in Europe behind him Mateausz is another young driver to watch in 2014!

Name: Mateusz Fijal
Age: 24
Nationality: Polish
Car Number:
Hometown: Warsaw
Language: Polish,English
Team: STW Drift Team
Crew Members: STW
Car: Nissan s13
Tyres: Federal RSR
Engine: Turbocharged LSX
Horsepower: 580HP
Wheels: Rota
Exterior: Rocket Bunny
Sponsors: STW/ATF