Drift Allstars proudly presents a return to the English capital city of London to unleash the top European drifters to do battle in the shadow of the iconic, world famous Wembley stadium for the first round of the 2013 season.

(2008 Post event poster)

The venue already has an important place in the history of UK drifting as it hosted the first ever Drift Allstars event (then JDM Allstars) back in 2008. The course was designed and developed with help from top pro drivers including Denis Healy from Ireland and Kiyoshi Kawabata from Japan.

The event attracted over 1000 spectators on practice day alone.Main day nearly sold out even under rain conditions all day.The main event saw a whole host of international drivers participate over two days in some of the closest battles witnessed in European drifting with Irish driver Eric ‘o’ Sullivan eventually taking the win in his Honda powered Toyota AE-86.

Wembley 2009
1.Eric o Sullivan -Ireland
2.Steve Evan -UK
3.Nigel Colfer -Ireland

Following the success in 2008 the series returned to same another wembley venue across the road in 2009. With a blind entry this mixed things totaly up for drivers .

Always keen for change 2009 was welcomed as the year of the wall as it was the first time in UK drifting that drivers actually could be seen scraping the wall with Skill

Teaming up with Modded UK the event was a huge success with high spectator numbers and world class driving from competitors from around the globe. Dan Chapman (Driftworks PS13) piped Dutch driver Paul Vasblom (Driftking.nl BMW E36) to the win in 2009.

Perhaps the most notable development in 2009 was the following production from Al Clarke, which remains one of the most watched drifting films on YouTube with over 1.67 million views to date.
(One of the most succesful drift viral event videos to -date) Credit to trackday films pushing the envelope and even to this day 4 years later sets a standard!

Wembley 2009
1.Dan Chapman -UK
2.Paul Vlassbom -Holland
3.Remmo Niezen -UK

The winning formula continued in 2010 with a wider range of drivers competing, additional facilities including huge display monitors and support acts including free style motocross riders and monster trucks.

The Polish came to play and the Low brain Drifters team expanded to two cars for the first time running James Deane 2011 Champion in the second car. The battles where not without drama as a collison with Pawel Trela meant Trela progressed and eventually took that win.That day Pawel Trela had arrived as one of the top drivers in europe and has not looked back since! Luke Fink would go on to win the 2010 Championship

Wembley 2010
1.Pawel Trela Poland
2.Nigel Colfer Ireland
3.George Tilling UK

2010 Event Video

Drifting: JDM Allstars Wembley 2010 Film – 1080p from Drift Allstars on Vimeo.

Due to new coucil and hotel building being constructed on the site of the original track 2011 saw the event move to the adjacent car “YELLOW” park directly below the stadium.

The new track tested drivers to the limit with several national champions attending included formula D driver Dai Yoshijara piloting the driftworks S15.

Wembley 2011 marked the last round of the 2011 championship and spectators witnessed a “to the wire” finish with Irish driver James Dene clinching the event win and championship in the Low Brain Drifters PS13.

Wembley 2011
1.James Deane – Ireland
2.Alan Sinnot – Ireland
3.Michael Marshal – UK

Wembley 2011

2012 saw the series return to London as Drift Allstars, due to the 2012 London Olympics the event was forced to move to a new venue in Wimbledon, despite the venue change the event was a big success, attracting large crowds and providing more top level competition for the fans to enjoy. Hard charging battles led towards the final match up’s with James Dene and Alan Sinnot meeting in a nail biting OMT battle which Sinnot progressed from, eventually Nigel Colfer (Marangoni 180sx) took on Juha Rintanen (Achilles’ S14) in the final. Juha clinched his first win with Colfer taking spot two and Sinnot rounding off the top three.

With the series now a European affair with a amazing host of international drivers competing in a range of events with many exciting European venues it would be rude not to return to spiritual home in the heart of the UK for round one of Drift Allstars championship. The event will return to the hallowed turf of Wembley for a two-day action packed event on Friday May 31st and Saturday the 1st of June.

For 2013 we will be introducing an all new Judging system that will be revealed over the upcoming few weeks.Similiar track layout to 2011 but with many new interactive elements meaning you the fans can see everything thats involved.