Track Preview
The Orlen stadium track is a full on custom street circuit with its main feature navigating the outside edge of the stadium. With 700 metres of concrete barriers lining the track this is a true concrete jungle with a heavy bias outside clipping points making sure the best drivers in Europe are pushed to the limit. This is the 2nd year the circuit has run and going from a national championship event to European championship in one year you can see why.With 20-25,000 expected per day this is the biggest drift in Europe this year and one of the biggest in the world this year.

Pawel Trela –Poland –Trela Motorsport S13.7 2JZ 700hp / Opel GT 600HP
The danger man. Often defying the physics of car control and probably the most talented driver in Eastern Europe. Trela has been building Europe’s very first Saturn Sky/Opel Gt with a 2jz reported to be over 700hp. The 2011 PFD polish champ really wants to show the big names in Europe what he can do after winning Wembley in 2010. Rumour he has a new title tire sponsor which he will be announcing at this weekend’s event.

Team Budmat
Probably the biggest and most professional Drift race team in Europe at the moment. On home turf at Plock at the Orlen Stadium this weekend can any of their 4 drivers take the win .Piotr Wiecek, Maciej Bochenek, Dawid Karkosik, Artuk Opiela?

Piotr Wiecek –Budmat Auto S14 2JZ 750HP
Piotr is fast becoming the top ranking driver famous for his backwards entries in the Budmat S14. Now equipped with more power and a Quaife 5 speed Sequential these guys mean business Piotr youngest in the tem will be in his 1000hp R34 later this weekend

Maciej Bochenek-Poland –Rocket Bunny S13 RB25 650hp
The 2012 PFD Polish champ stays at the team RB Budmat Auto team after having a dominating season in 2012 claiming many wins and in his newly built Rocket Bunny S13 Chassis with a 650hp RB25. For those of you that remember this was the crazy guy who claimed 3rd at donington in 2010 in a black/grey skyline.  Bochenek is always one to watch.

Dawid Karkosik –S15 RB26 800HP
Dawid the third member of the Budmat Auto RB Team known for his maximum attack style and big smoke will be pushing hard in 2013.A few big crashes put a stop to his championship charge in 2012 but can 2013 be his year?

Team STW Drift
Will be running 7 car team this weekend and have already claimed a double podium at the opening round of the Polish series in Poznan. With them also leading the drivers championship and also have the youngest driver on their side they are a huge threat.
 Adam Fijał  ,Marek Wartałowicz, Marcin ‘Steve’ Carzasty .’Belon’ Beloński , Mateusz Fijał, Bartosz ‘BRT’ Stolarski, Adam ‘Rubik’ Zalewski

Marcin “Stevie” Carzasty-STW Drift TeamNissan S14 2JZ 550HP
Steve competing for two years and already making a name for himself. Leads the Polish PFD series in his 550hp Nissan S14.The STW team leader has been making big moves since defeating Daigo Saito at the end of last in Slovakia. And is one of many drivers to watch at the STW team.

Bartosz Stolarski –Poland Nissan S14 LS3 V8 Turbo 800hp
Bartosz also known as BRT had an incredible 2012 season claiming many podiums and doing well internationally. BRT now changed to the new STW team and under new colours seems even more of a threat

Gregorz Hypki –Poland –Puz BMW LS3 500HP
Again in what is some of the best developed BMW’s in Europe Puz pushed the envelope in 2012 with the E30 chassis and the team proved why they were so good locking out so many positions in the PFD championship. Hypki claimed the win at the season finale at Poznan after a master class display showing he is one to watch in 2013

Marcin Mospinek–Poland – Puz BMW LS3 500HP
Marcin the younger driver of the two always proves to be a danger man.Having consistent podiums and a winning package in his 500hp BMW E30 will 2013 be his year in Poland and Internationally

Kuba Przgonski – Poland Toyota GT86 1000hp
Kuba also part time Rally raid rider has been building his new Verva Oil/Red Bull 1000HP GT86 over the winter. In what is probably one of the most in-depth GT86 builds on the planet Przgonski will have all the tools to power the Orlen team car to the top of the podium in 2013

The Outsiders!

Alan Sinnot –Achilles Tires /LBD Nissan S14 2JZ 580HP
Alan is always in it to win it and is the reigning 2012 Drift Allstars European champion, after a year with NEXEN tires he has switched to Achilles tire team.  With a fully rebuilt car for the 2013 season and running twice the power and more grip Alan proved his new chassis had the pace taking out the 2nd round of the Irish Drift Championship. Alan is also the 2011 Prodrift Ireland Champion

Nigel Colfer-Marangoni Tire Nissan S13 1JZ 550HP
Nigel Colfer always the danger man is now in his third season trying to claim the Drift Allstars European championship. Twice a runner up and the most consistent driver out there can this be his season to shine and jump up that final step of the podium

Juha Rintanen –NEXEN Tire Europe Nissan S14 2JZ 700HP
Juha the Finnish smoke machine an ex Finnish Champion, D1USA competitor and placed 3rd in the Drift Allstars 2012 Championship is always a danger man.He took out one win and many podiums in 2012 but due to mechanical problems lost his fight for the championship. With a new team, new tires and new confidence can 2013 be his year

Martin Ffrench –LBD Achilles Tires Nissan PS13 V8 550HP
Martin one of the biggest names of European drifting can maybe be named the nearly man, having nearly clinched championships and major events wins, is still one of the most exciting drivers to watch today. Martins last appearance in Drift Allstars he took the win with his own team. Now he joins Achilles Europe and LBD a twice championship winning team, and they have been carrying amazing pace in the off season

Martin Richards –Altenzo Tire /Aerokit Nissan R33 2JZ 500HP
Martin one of the more consistent drivers of the 2012 season always placing in the top 16/8 has had a freshly rebuilt car over the winter. Going back to his preferred chassis a Nissan skyline but making it one of the most lightweight out there with additional support again from Altenzo tires martin should have the tools to compete with the best in 2013

Krasmir Stefanov- Drift Tigers Toyota Supra 500HP
Bulgarian champion and one of the hotly followed drivers in the region. Krasmir claimed top 8 in the Bucharest Drift GP in 2011 in an older car so has the skill to drive with the best

Jack Shanahan-Monster Energy Nissan S13 500HP
What can be said that has not been said already, at 13 years old is probably one of the most established teenager/pro drifters in the world and being James Deane’s Protégé helped a lot. Fourth place in his first Pro event last month in Ireland prove he has the skill to drive with the best out there

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Jack Shanahan-Monster Energy Nissan S13 500HP /Adam Zalewsky STW BMW V8 350HP

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