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October 24th 2011

Drift Allstars European Exhibition Event – Drift Grand Prix of Romania

Brendan Stone takes the win after a titanic international battle.

The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest would play host to the inaugural Drift grand prix Romania 2011. This new end of season exhibition provided the perfect backdrop to set up a great finale event to 2011 after such an amazing season for the Drift Allstars European series

This world famous venue in Bucharest would set the tone for drifting in Europe with many new records being reached including being the biggest and fastest street course ever used. The competition would also give us the biggest international field of drivers after the Wembley round. It was also the most attended Drift event ever in Europe with 20,000 fans over the course of the weekend and 13,000 fans on the main event night.

This was Drift Allstars first visit to the country of Romania, but even so the competition consisted of some of the best drivers in Europe with an Allstars field of drivers from 13 countries. With 45 entrants, the event was set for an amazing weekend.

[blockquote]The Bucharest GP circuit would be run on a full 100% street course utilising some parts of the famous FIA GT course, with drivers recording entry speeds of over 170 km/hr.[/blockquote]

In qualifying it was Serbian driver Bojan in his Motul Oil BMW who took P1 with amazing speed, consistent  lines and great angle. Pawel Trela from Poland would take P2 in his Asus Marangoni Tyres Nissan S13 and local Romanian Maurias Mitrache taking P3 , Juha Rintanen the flying Finn would take P4.

Top 16:

The top 16 battles were close with some big surprises. With so many different nationalities spread across the top 16, this would really be a truly international affair.

New-comer Brendan Stone, in a borrowed car after his MG Crash repairs S15 had an issue, was on great form in the WKD Imports S13. After a very close first pair of battles and then a pair of one-more-time runs, Stone would beat compatriot Nigel Colfer in his S13, and proceed to the great 8.

Brad Hacker faced off against local driver Maurias Mitrache. After a great run form both drivers another one-more-time was required to decide it. Even after a great fight from Maurias in his E36, with huge support from local fans, ithe just didn’t have enough to overcome the pace of Hacker’s FD3.

These drivers were joined by Bojan, Grzegorz Hypki, Pawel Trela, Mateusz Wlodarczyk, Bartosz Stolarski and Todor Dunev  in the great 8

Great 8:

The Great 8 battles would live up to it’s name and give us some of the best and closest  battles of the night.

Wlodar vs Hypki  – Wlodar would spin after a one more time battle send Hypki into the semi finals.Hacker V Stolarksi –Hacker was showing great end of season form and would only lose to stolarski in the final turn after a spin . Bojan V Stone -After a one more time Stone would win after showing great consistent lines..

Trela Vs Dunev -Trela wouldwould proceed to the great 8 after showing more speed and angle though the course.

Semi Finals:

Pawel Trela would face off against Grzegorz Hypki in an all polish battle. With both already huge rivals in their native series after many battles throughout the year, this was set to be an amazing battle.

Both drivers were insane, forcing the judges to call an almost unprecedented  three one-more-times before Hypki made the most costly mistake of the night. After running too hot into turn 1 he ran wide, put a wheel off the course and collected the immovable barriers, the impact threw him into the path of a charging Trela, who was left with no-where to go. After an almighty shunt, both drivers emerged from their cars to a huge cheer from the crowd.

With Hypki causing the shunt, this would automatically mean Pawel Trela would take the win of this battle. Unfortunately due to both cars being beyond use after the crash, both drivers could not continue to the final or 3rd place battle.

Pawel  Trela would therefore, by default, take second place overall with Hypki taking fourth. Meaning the other semi final of the night would end up deciding both the winner of the whole event and the final step on the podium.

Brendan stone, in the MG Crash repairs/WKD Imports S13, would face off against Bartosz Stolarski in the RB Team Nissan S14 LS. Both drivers would push to the absolute limit and with a one more time run it was only Stolarski’s line which cost him the battle.

Brendan Stone said:

“To win this event after last minute issues we had with our S15 race car just before top 16, it is totally un-expected . Thanks to WKD and MG Crash repairs for putting things together and getting me out in their car, it would have not been possible without them.”

For more information and full details check out the website at www.jdmallstars.com.

Drift Allstars European Professional Drifting Series 2011- Round 4 Event Results:

1.Brendan Stone                              (IRL)       MG Crash Repairs /WKD Imports Nissan S13

2.Pawel Trela                                    (PL)        Asus /Bottari Marangoni Nissan S13

3.Grzegorz Hypki                              (PL)       Team PUZ ,Valvoline Rallyshop.com BMW V8