Mad Mikes New Look – RABUL Gen 2

Anyone who has the remotest interest in drifting will of course have heard of Mad Mike Whiddett and his crazy collection of sideways Mazda’s.

His original car, the MADBUL started out life as FURSTY, an FD RX7 with a relatively sane 20B peripheral port. I was in the right place at the right time and actually saw this car in competition a few times. Although no-one would have predicted at the time that he would have become the global sensation that he has.

RADBUL is the Formula D spec car based on a MK 3.5 MX5 running a twin turbocharged quad rotor 26B engine. Effectively two RX7 engines bolted together and then doubled in power.

Now mike has dropped a load of images of the ‘new’ ND chassis that he is running for 2016. With support from Mazda themselves it’s no surprise that he is now running their latest car.

However, anyone wondering how this build has been kept so secret need wonder no more. There wasn’t any build to keep secret. The car is actually the 2015 RadBul with new front and rear bumpers.

That hasn’t stopped Internet speculation though!



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