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August 27th
Battle of the Iron Curtain – Drift Allstars Hungary Results

Russian Driver Max Tvardovisky takes the win at Drift Allstars/EEDC Hungary.
Drift Allstars European series would make its debut event at the European wide known Mariapocs circuit, Hungary. The circuit has held the biggest events and drift festivals in the region but with and the newly formed Trackwood festival the event was set to be huge, attracting drivers from 12 nations. This event would have huge significance with it being the first time the drift scenes have collaborated from western (Drift Allstars Europe) and Eastern Europe (EEDC). With both series being the class leaders in their region it was a great showcase who was the best in the Battle of the Iron Curtain.

With record attendance, the venue was at capacity and with track action going on till 12pm the stage was set for Hungary’s biggest ever professional drift event!

Before qualifying a number of issues arose for key drivers! Juha Rintanen was the first major casualty who had a full engine rebuild before the event. He would miss out on practice and arrive just before qualifying! His teammate Dan Chapman would have further mechanical issues not finishing the new V8 in time after mechanical issues the week before in testing!

Straight-out of the box was Ukrainian driver Alex Golovynya in the ZEETEX Tires Nissan S13 who took P1. He had a huge crash on Friday and had to overnight parts from Kiev to make the main event Saturday.

Nigel Colfer –Marangoni Tire coming back off his round 4 win Romania was driving high on the confidence of his win would lay down a solid run taking P2. Spanish Champ Lluis Lopez in his Nexen Tire Europe Nissan S14 V8 again with big confidence after his top 4 in Romania was driving like a man possessed and would take P3.

Anthony Scott would have massive overheating problems with the 40C heat but managed to Nurse his car to P4 in qualifying.

Championship leader Alan Sinnot would qualify in a lowly 6th and other championship contender Juha Rintanen Achilles Tires would have a huge off in qualifying and finish in 15th.
With such a mixup and diverse line-up of drivers on selected events with a suitable timetables a top 32 battle system was chose to run due to the amount of drivers.

TOP 32 Battles

All the key players would progress to the top 16 after battling some of Hungary’s top drivers. Top Ukrainian driver Alex Golovynya would have an easy pass to the top 16 after beating Peter Porkoslb. He would also be joined in the top 16 by Kaldy (Hungary), Max Tvardovisky (Russia) Toth Gaza (Hungary), Kristaps Bluss (Latvia), Fillipo Pirrini (Italy), Martin Richards (UK), Zoltan Lakytos (Hungary).

One notable battle was Pete Barber in the Aerokit Nissan R33 who had to drive against championship contender Juha Rintanen very early in the battle. Rintanen’s speed and proximity in the return battle was just too much for the UK driver and he was sent home.

Anthony scott would go to one more time against Kristaps Blus after a very hard fought run between the two.Scotss night would end when he crashed off at turn 2 ending his night and bluss top Latvian driver would proceed to the top 16!

Rintanen (Finland), Lopez (Spain), Colfer (Ireland), Szilard (Hungary), Illyuk (Ukraine), Sendai Hungary, Elkinis (Latvia) and Championship leader Alan Sinnott (Ireland)

Top 16 Battles

The first major battle of the night was championship contenders Nigel Colfer Vs Juha Rintanen. With Rintanen having a below par qualifying run his unusually backed would line him up again Number 2 qualifier very early within the event. These two would go at it like there life depended on it with two insane rerun battles. The final run Colfer would get the pressure too much and spin giving Rintanen the win!

Alex Golovyna would beat local driver Tamas Kaldy. Max Tvardovisky would take out Hungarian champion Toth Gaza. Kristaps Bluss would have far too much speed for the Italian Fillipo Pirrini and also progress to the great 8.

Martin Richards would lose out to Zoltan Lakytos after a tight battle the experience Hungarian would take the win. Ukrainian front runner Dmitry Illyuk was on fire and had just too much speed for Hungarian driver Szabo Szilard who was the top Hungarian qualifier on the night!

Spanish champ Lluis Lopez was yet again on fire and quickly showed another local hero Sandor Sendai how quick he was around the course and how he is one of the front running drivers in Europe now.

Alan Sinnot and Gvido Elkinis battle would end in a collision sending both drivers in to the wall. Sinnot had got tapped on entry and sent him into the wall which then collected Gvido Elkinis. Sinnott would be given the win but would his car be driveable for top 8?

Great 8 Battles
With so many upsets/crashes so far into the night the scene was set for one of the most spectacular great 8 finals of the season.
Ukraine driver and top qualifier Alex Golovyna would lose to Max Tvardovisky after a very close battle between the two

Local Hungarian driver Zoltan Lakytos was having the drive of his life in this international field against Latvian front runner Kristap Blus. Both in BMW’s and both with huge experience in the sport it was deemed that Zoltan took the win after another tight battle…mistake/result etc.?

Finnish driver Juha Rintanen in the Achilles Tires Nissan S14 would face off against top Ukrainian driver Dmitry Illyuk in the Monster Energy –Kenda tires Nissan S13. In the first battle a huge correction in turn 1 by Rintanen resulting in a big straightens would meet Illyuk who would collide with Rintanen giving the Ukrainian a huge advantage. A solid run by Illyuk was enough to confirm his place in the final 4.

The final battle of the Great 8 was between Nexen Tire Europe team mates Alan Sinnot and Lluis Lopez. With both drivers challenging for vital points in the final standings the relationship would stay in the pits. Lopez would lead run 1 and lay it all down for his team mate to match who followed pretty close. Sinnot attacked on the second run and pushed even harder and managed to get a slight advantage from the judges which were enough to give him the lead and move into a better championship position.

Final 4\

Max Tvardovisky Vs Zoltan Lakytos
Russian driver Max was on the form of his life. With each run the confidence would grow of the Russian driver. Max would lead run 1 and enter at an ever higher speed then qualifying. The high horsepower Nissan R34 matched with the Evil empire drift team’s skills was too much.
Dmitry Illyuk Vs Alan Sinnot

This was set to be another titanic battle with Ukrainian front runner Illyuk Kenda tires against Irish Champ Sinnot Nexen Tire Europe. With Sinnott’s car overheating from its top 8 run, later on the first run a major engine mechanical problem would end Sinnott’s night sending him home early and his first non-podium of the season.
Final Time

Max Tvardovisky (Russia) Vs Dmitry Illyuk (Ukraine)
Max would lead the first battle and show the great form he had all night but in following Illyuk had an engine problem. In the second run a similar misfire would happen to Illyuks car and further hand the win to Russian driver Max Tvardovisky.


Max Tvardovisky said
“Thanks a lot! I am very happy that I was able to come to Hungary and to participate in the unique night race! luck was on my side that day! Thank you very much my friends, organizers, pilots from different countries, people who have been from the beginning to the end! It was a crazy night race!“

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