About EXTREME Drift Allstars 

EXTREME Drift Allstars is the fast growing, live action, entertainment brand that is leading the way as the world discovers the phenomenal action motorsport of drifting.

Launched in 2008 EXTREME Drift Allstars Championship continues to be the lead international drifting series that delivers a raw and immersive experience for both fans and drivers alike. Over 40 teams from 16 nations compete in global events throughout the season, pitting there skills of precision driving and unparalleled car control in some of the most powerful drift cars in existence.

With incredible growth and support of some of the industries biggest names, The EXTREME Drift Allstars is being developed beyond the live arena into areas such as TV, Film, Apparel and Experiences to name but a few.

For 2017 and beyond The EXTREME Drift Allstars is working with promoters, destinations and sponsorship partners to bring its truly unique mix of live entertainment and action motorsports to fans in city centres, arenas, stadiums and screens around the world.

Note – The EXTREME Drift Allstars brand is owned by Extreme Networks Limited and is licensed to the Championship organisers and promotors via Extreme International Limited. Neither Extreme Networks Limited nor Extreme International Limited has any operational responsibility or liability in respect of the EXTREME Drift Allstars Championship.

For more information please contact enquiries@drift-allstars.com or call us on 0044 (0) 2072441000 UK.